We remove the metal from the old material.

The butterfly acquires its form.

Carefully not to damage the patina.

The bow tie will come wrapped with its sawdust. We create a story.

Every butterfly goes through this process.

We clean the patina from dirt.

Material that has experienced something.

Barns, farmhouses, granaries, cottages, ... served our ancestors in everyday life to live; work; storage of agricultural machinery, grain and hay; animal behavior,...

We do not cut, we renew.

Sense of our environment.

We sort by quality

Prisms, rafters, planks, boards, slats, ...

We detect and remove metal 

We gently remove old rusty nails, wedges, bullets, fragments from war mines, ...

We process

The process we keep to ourselves.

We design, manufacture, create, assemble, implement.

A job we enjoy.

Are you interested in this unique material?